Men's Club Tournament Sign-Up
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In order to sign-up for an event, please do following. 

1.) Enter your name in name field.
2.) Select tournament you wish to sign-up for
3.) Key data in  preferred time if you wish a preferred time, preferred times are not available for all tournaments and are not available for 2-day tournaments on the 2nd day. Preferred times are also not available on those tournaments that are shotgun starts. Preferred times may be limited for a member, do not sign-up for a preferred time unless it is necessary.
4.) Fill in EMail address if you wish confirmation of signup. If a confirmation is not received within a day, you have either sent me an incorrect E-Mail address or I did not receive your sign-up request. In that case it is best to call me (763-560-0501) (Home Phone) or (763) 639-0501 (Cell phone) to verify if I received your request.  
 5.) Click on Submit button to send to Event Chairman. Make sure you have data entered (especially your name) or I don't know who is signing up.  This sign-up will send an EMail to Claire Deering. 
6.) The Sign-up deadline for all tournaments is the Sunday before the tournament at 6:00 pm 
 Members who call or email after sign-up deadline will be put on a waiting list and will only be entered in a tournament if openings arise.

Please follow instructions listed above!!!!!!! 
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In Preferred Time field, enter Early or Late if you want to play early or late in the tournament pairing times.  If you leave the field blank, The Tournament and Rules Committee Chairman will slot you at times that are available.

Early and Late times are not available for all  tournaments and there are tournaments such as the Club Championship and most 2-day tournaments where the Sunday Tee Time will be based on how you finish on Saturday. 

Early or Late tee times may be limited for a member if this selection is abused.
2016 Tournament Schedule
If an event is not listed above under Tournament the sign-up deadline has passed.